CJC-1295 is an amino acid peptide. The naming patter n has evolved because the peptide has numerous analogs similar to it. Knowing the derivatives naming is imperative to understand the functioning and the mechanism of action of the peptide. The peptide hormone was first produced in Canada, North America, the peptide has twenty-nine amino acids in its chain.

Peptide chains amino acids are linked to unique orders depending on the number of amino acid the peptide will manifest in three different structural types. The first is the simple log chain amino acid structure, the second is the secondary amino acid structure, which is, folded a nature and it is liked a pleated sheet. The third structural types is the tertiary protein structure which is like tangled structure and complex folded protein, the last structure is the quaternary structure that is more or less tertiary proteins interconnected together. The structure is important because it determines which receptors the peptide will bind to, the binding and activation is largely dependent on the structure and amino acid chains. The shape different parts of the peptide allow either a weaker or a strong affinity for binding to the receptors. Research shows the initial twenty-nine amino acids in the peptide chain are effective in binding to the receptor ligand just like the 44 amino acids.

The initial 29 amino acids on the peptide chain were isolated and this lead to the engineering and formation of CJC-1295, however one of the problems with the derivative is that it underwent rapid metabolism and had a higher renal clearance. When the peptide binds to the receptors, the gland leads to the increase in the production of human growth hormone in a pulsating manner. The activities of CJC-1295 is accentuated by Ghrelin. Ipamorelin Peptide and GHRP-2. These hormones amplify the activity of CJC-1295 than when it works on its own. There have been studies on the modification of the peptide hormone to increase its half life and the effectiveness of the amino acid chains. Recent research studies have shown that CJC-1295 stimulates levels of prolactin, this indicates that it can increase protein synthesis.